Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) is any device, system, or method that improves the ability of a person with a communication disability to communicate effectively. AAC is not a substitute for how the individual is currently communicating. It is used to augment that communication, replacing only elements that are unintelligible. Some forms of AAC include gestures, facial expressions, picture symbols/boards, and voice output communication devices.

Learn More About AAC at our Open Labs. Click here for the schedules.

AAC Evaluations

SDATC Staff conduct full interdisciplinary team assessments. Assessment services include evaluation of augmentative communication and motor skills and needs from no-tech to high-tech, as appropriate, with recommendations for devices and device features in a comprehensive written report.
Fee: $100 per hour; usual range: $300 to $500

Note: Prior to making an appointment for an assessment, a funding source needs to be identified. UCP-SDATC accepts private payment, some insurance, school district contracts, and is an approved provider for adult clients of the San Diego Regional Center and the California Department of Rehabilitation.

Speech-Pathologist Consultation

The UCP Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) is available to consult with a therapist, family, or team considering their AAC needs. Consultation is offered in vocabulary selection, device features, language representation system, or organizing the linguistic or visual display.
Fee: $60.00 per hour

If you are interested in obtaining an AAC evaluation or consultation, we would like to know more about the individual in need. Please share this info with us by completing our Background Information Form.

Individualized Lab Appointments

An individualized lab appointment with SDATC staff can provide more in-depth information about equipment than the Open Lab time. It is geared towards a consumer’s individual needs for augmentative communication and/or computer access. These appointments are not intended to be a full and documented assessment.
Fee: 1 hour free

Staff Consultation

The San Diego Assistive Technology Staff is available to consult with therapists or assessment teams regarding their AAC needs. Staff can provide information for device features, access, programming, and vocabulary selection, creation, and organization.
Fee: $35.00 per hour

Professional Use of SDATC Equipment Lab

Speech and Language Pathologists, AT Specialists, and similar professionals may schedule appointments to use our lab and available equipment for an assessment or consultation of a specific consumer. Limited equipment support by SDATC staff included.
Fee: $35.00 per hour

For further information on any of these services, and answers to your AAC questions, contact myoshida@ucpsd.org or call (858) 278-5420 x121.

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